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Bohne Spring was originally established in Canada in 1891 and was then known as W. Bohne & Company Limited. We have been in continuous operation since that time, over 127 years and going strong!

The company was first formed to manufacture piano hammers for the Canadian Piano Producers. In subsequent years the production of piano bass strings and the jobbing of piano wire and piano parts were added

During the Second World War, the piano industry became a depressed industry which caused the principals of the company to appeal to the Federal Government in Ottawa for guidance and assistance in getting established in some other form of endeavor. It was at the suggestion of the Defence Production Department that we entered the spring producing field as there was a need for increased spring production in Canada, production of springs was commenced in 1943.

Immediately following the end of the War, there was an even greater demand for springs which made it advisable to consider expansion in this field. Prior to 1946, W. Bohne & Company had occupied rented premises. With a need for larger manufacturing facilities, the property at 1153 Queen St. W. was purchased in 1945. The ground floor with an area of 7,200 square feet was completed and occupied in 1946.

In the next few years a steady increase in volume of business necessitated the addition of a second story of equal size which was completed and occupied in 1951.

During the late 1950`s and early 1960`s, the piano parts division of our business became less viable and it was our decision finally to discontinue this phase of our operation.

In early 1965 this change took place, at the same time the company name changed to Bohne Spring Industries Limited, associating the product with the company name.

Further expansion was experienced in 1969 when we added another 14,000 square feet of manufacturing area, enabling us to add more equipment to increase our efficiency and capacity.

Growth continued through the 1970`s and into the 1980`s until the plant was at full capacity and it became apparent additional space was required. In 1984 the decision was made to move the company to a larger facility. The 44,000 square foot plant at 60 Coronet Road in Etobicoke (a suburb of Toronto, Canada) was acquired, renovated to suit our business and occupied in July, 1985.

In 1988, we acquired Automated Spring Industries Inc. and kept this business as a separate entity until 1993 when we amalgamated the two operations into the Coronet Road site and the business carried on as Bohne Spring Industries Limited.

In 2007, we acquired Hamond Ind. Ltd. a company specializing in Verti-Slide formed stamping. We amalgamated this business into the Coronet Rd. location.